Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'll love you for another Eleven years

SALt LAke TemPLeNavOO TeMPle
LoGan TEmpLe
I Love this man, I can't believe i get to spend all my time with him. It's been a crazy eleven years. Here is a little breakdown of the events
-Maddie our little precious gift
-Graduating both of us
-many camp outs
-Building our first home
-Family walks and picnics
-Our first little boy Bridger
-First trip to Hawaii(priceless)
-Bike rides & four wheeler rides
-Many trips to Lake Powell, St.George
-Our second little Boy Kolby
-Finished building second home
-Building Nick's Business
-first trip to Disneyland
-enjoying Sunday afternoon naps
-Birth of another beautiful girl Kate
-Trip to Cali and Disney again
-Nick Graduates from College with four Kids
-celebrate by going on cruise to the Caribbean
-family reunions
-trips to the coast
-Maddie getting baptized
-trip to Missouri to see family
-Our second cruise to the west Caribbean, Hanging out in Texas
-Jackie's wedding in backyard
-Nick's new job with the church
-Working out like crazy, running, biking and trying to swim
-Huge and pregnant again
-Bridger gets Baptized
-the birth of our third little girl Miss Elizabeth
That is what happens in such a short span of our lives together. I'm so excited to see whats to come in the next eleven(teenagers)years. I love you babe thanks for all the great times we share together.

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Courtney said...

I loved your post. so cute. I can't believe its been that long. WOW. we love you both and cantwait to go camping. Oh this is jami by the way